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Jupiter Open Water Swim

Jupiter Open Water Swim
May 4, 2017 jessica

Join us this Wednesday evening at 6:15pm to improve open water swim skills. We will meet on Jupiter Island, just south of Coral Cove Park on the intracoastal waterway. The area is very safe for swimming with typically good visibility, shallow water away from boat traffic and a sandy bottom. All levels are welcome and encouraged to come out and swim. You can swim as little or as much as you would like. The typical route is to the bridge and back which is 1mi.


By participating in this event you are aware of the dangers and difficulty of open water swimming. In order to reduce this risk, and for mutual support, you wish to swim with a group. You take responsibility for your own actions and absolve the individuals you swim with and Tri Bike Run from any liability arising from injury or death whilst, or consequent to, open
water swimming.

Before participating:
You are, at the present time, capable of swimming 750yd non-stop in a swimming pool.
You are medically fit to undertake open water swimming.
You do not suffer from epilepsy or any other medical condition that could cause a loss of motor function while swimming.

You agree to support the people you swim with by observing the following procedures :
• Wear a wet suit to aid buoyancy, retain body heat, and protect from water borne infection.
• Wear a bright swim hat for visibility.
• Before entering water, group into a pair (or three) of similar ability, and when swimming always keep an eye on partner.
• When you have finished swimming you will check that your partner is out of the water.
• If you are inexperienced at open water swimming, or if for any other reason, or because a partner is inexperienced, you will swim close to the shore.
• When entering the water you will keep a look out for any object in the water, foreign or natural, which might cause harm.
• Before swimming discuss exactly where the group will swim, the route, and any regrouping point.
• Before swimming discuss water conditions and any potential conflict with other water users.
• Before swimming discuss with the group any deviation from these numbered procedures.
• If you get into difficulties try to attract the attention of your partner, turn on your back and try to make your
way to shore or shallow water.
• If you are caught in a rip current, you will attempt to swim parallel to shore until you find yourself out of the rip current before swimming to shore or shallow water.